What have we heard since kids about being "green"? 
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 

There is an American based company that found an unusual way to reuse the batteries that we think is pretty cool. You can find the original article below!

This company is called Eaton, they are also an energy storage company! Like I said, they found a way to reuse these batteries.....they call them "second-life batteries".  Eaton has already equipped a stadium in the Netherlands with this system, the John Cruyff Arena, in Amsterdam. They are also in the works for 5-6 European stadiums.

So why is this going green? Along with the stadiums using about 20% of solar electricity already, this eliminates the need for Diesel Generators! ALSO, IT IS ENOUGH TO POWER SEVERAL THOUSANDS HOMES! #CHEERSTOTHEFUTURE

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