So first thing is first. If you have good credit, try with your local bank or credit union. Don't go through a dealership, work directly with the bank. TEST DRIVE first. Then ask for cash price. Go to your bank, get a check boom. You just financed a car but got the cash price. At One-Up Automotive, we highly recommend this! They will also most likely have a better interest rate than what we can get from them.

So from Okay credit to Bad credit, okay credit maybe able to get away with the above depending on their job history. If that doesn't fit you, listen up. If you are able to save money, do. If you can buy it outright, please do it. We are transparent, so you won't leave here without seeing what you're paying overtime. With that being said, I have sold a 7k car and in the end they would be paying $14,800 for the vehicle! Guess who gets all that money? I'll give you a hint: not us. If you can't save, I recommend waiting, get a prepaid credit card that reports monthly. Use it for only gas or only groceries. You'd be surprised what a couple of extra points on the credit score opens up. Plus how much interest rate is lowered.

These aren't the holy grail of finance advice but a lot of people don't know that working with the bank instead of dealership financing is a thing. It is at One-Up Automotive!

Thanks for your time!