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Car buying Tips! From a car dealing momma

Hi everyone!

My name is Lauren! These are some car buying tips you may not see everyday. I am the owner's wife, when he says he has to talk to the manager he is calling me lolol

With that being said, the below are my tips! Pretty basic but you would be surprised. This isn't just for buying used cars, this can be for new cars too!

Checking a used car with a lift is very important! Always. Always. ALWAYS test drive the vehicle. We are around cars every day, it may not be bad to us but it could potentially be annoying to you.

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Tip Of the Day RESEARCH

Tip Of The Week: Research. Research. Research. Not only should you research the history of the specific vehicle you're checking out (Carfax) you should check out the Make & Model's History.  
Does anyone remember the massive recall in 2014? Chevy recalls the Chevy cobalt (and others) a DECADE after finding ignition-switch defect. They recalled more than 700,000 vehicles due to faulty ignition switches for 2005-2007 Chevy Cobalts.  They stopped making the vehicle in 2010, which doesn't stop the amount circling out there. 
Check out this article.  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/gm-recalls-chevy-cobalt-other-vehicles-a-decade-after-finding-ignition-switch-defect/ 

Get a Luxury Used Vehicle for Non-Luxury Price Wit

Check out this article! Talks about Cousin cars. What is a cousin car? Honda V Acura. Lexus V Toyota. Lincoln V Ford. ETC! Dealer Tip: When a finance company sees a Honda/Toyota/etc...they think "practical". When a finance company sees Audi/Lexus/etc....they think "image" #cousincar #usedcars #dealertip #StillAnAudiLover


Splash of Color

Nothing our dealership can do for you but thought this was neat!
I saw this while searching through pinterest and thought this was a great idea for adding some color to your life!
I actually bought one of these rugs for less than 6 bucks at Walmart + 6-7 scrunchies on amazon for like $1 a piece. #awomenstouch #carinterior #cheapdiy #colorful

Keep Us in Mind When Searing For Your Next Vehicle

We really mean it when we say low pressure. When you buy with us, we encourage you to go get it inspected, not only are you aware of the problems we might learn something new too! We make sure you don't want to take a day to think on it. We want everyone to purchase a vehicle that THEY want and are comfortable with. While we can't help everyone we will always try. Ask us anything and we will tell you everything we know (we also have Carfax!). Shoot us a cash offer on any vehicle and we can see what we can do! Purchase your next used car in Lebanon! 


Meet our dogs: Blue & Kevin! Blue is our rescue Lab/Pit Mix...Kevin is our craigslist moment of weakness, Collie Mix. Blue is a lover, Kevin is a ball catching MACHINE. 
#pitrescue #mybabies #happiness


MEET OUR 2 PERSON CREW! Garrett & Lauren
Garrett is our Sales Manager and I, Lauren, I am our Marketing Strategist & receptionist!!

GOING GREEN Old Electric Car Batteries Used to Po

What have we heard since kids about being "green"? 
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 

There is an American based company that found an unusual way to reuse the batteries that we think is pretty cool. You can find the original article below!

This company is called Eaton, they are also an energy storage company! Like I said, they found a way to reuse these batteries.....they call them "second-life batteries".  Eaton has already equipped a stadium in the Netherlands with this system, the John Cruyff Arena, in Amsterdam. They are also in the works for 5-6 European stadiums.

So why is this going green? Along with the stadiums using about 20% of solar electricity already, this eliminates the need for Diesel Generators! ALSO, IT IS ENOUGH TO POWER SEVERAL THOUSANDS HOMES! #CHEERSTOTHEFUTURE

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